When should I consider getting in touch with a Child Sleep Consultant?

If parents are concerned about any aspect of their child’s sleep pattern (e.g. they feel the child generally sleeps too little, sleeps restlessly, tossing and turning or crying in its sleep, naps are too short, the child has problems falling asleep, snores or breathes irregularly during sleep, wakes up often and for a prolonged time at night, etc.), the first thing to do is always to consult a paediatrician. Some disorders that can affect sleep quality are: allergies, infant reflux, recurrent otitis, disorders involving pruritus (AD, parasite infection) or pain, breathing disorders, etc.

Only after health grounds of sleep issues have been ruled out (the paediatrician can refer your child to a specialist, e.g. a neurologist, allergist or gastroenterologist, or order further tests) can you consider so-called behavioural sleep disorders, including problems falling asleep, night waking due to the child or its parents’ incorrect behaviour which affects sleep duration and quality, e.g. parents’ inability to set limits, child’s bedtime resistance, etc. In such cases, the parents may want to contact a Child Sleep Consultant.

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